Announcing OpenCon 2016

It's that time of year again! Very excited to announce OpenCon2016, and honored to be part of the organizing committee (year 3!). This is an excellent opportunity for students and early-career professionals to learn more about open access, open data, and open education, and to get involved in global advocacy efforts. Applications open June 6th,... Continue Reading →

Why Open Research?

In May of this year, I was awarded a flash grant by the Shuttleworth Foundation to make an 'open' project of my choosing a reality. On November 14th, at OpenCon 2015 in Brussels, I announced the launch of Why Open Research?, an educational resource for researchers to learn about the benefits of sharing their work. This... Continue Reading →

Success comes from sharing…let’s show it!

Open scholarship is growing at a rate that is cause for optimism. But we are far from widespread adoption of article, code, and data sharing practices. This is due, in part, to common concerns about the potential career harms. Students and early-career researchers are frequently bombarded by messages from peers and mentors that publishing in... Continue Reading →

Join us at OpenCon 2015

Last year's OpenCon was epic. Over 100 students and early-career researchers from 39 countries came together to learn more about how to practice and advocate for open access, open data, and open education. The energy generated was palpable, and as Peter Murray-Rust put it, there was a feeling that "the revolution is launched". (Check out... Continue Reading →

Open research and collaborations

A few days ago, I posted this tweet: The response has been amazing. People have sent me links to all kinds of interesting projects: open collaborative transcription and editing of humanities texts; biomedical research made possible by publicly available data; projects creating open source tools that can be used by all and continue to be... Continue Reading →

SfN adopts CC BY license

In August of last year, 57 members of the scientific community signed an open letter to the Society for Neuroscience outlining our concerns about their new open access journal, eNeuro. In particular, we objected to SfN's plans to use the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC) license as default and charge authors an extra $500 to... Continue Reading →

Open letter to Gordon Nelson, President of CSSP

This is an open letter to Gordon Nelson, President of the Council of Scientific Society Presidents (CSSP). I delivered this letter to Dr. Nelson by email on September 18, 2014. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Dr. Nelson, I am writing in response to your interview on The Scholarly Kitchen  blog, published August 25, 2014. As a scientist and... Continue Reading →

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