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Science Magazine and my thoughts on good journalistic practice

Recently, I clicked on a link to this article in Science Magazine about open data. As I read through it, I was surprised to find my name staring back at me. I was even more surprised to find that not... Continue Reading →

Parents in Science: Links edition

Since establishing the Parents in Science series in March of 2013, I have come across many great posts by others describing their experiences of being a parent and an academic. Below are links to some of my favorites, which I... Continue Reading →

Don’t tell me you couldn’t find any women speakers

On November 16th, 2013, Entangled Bank Events will host a panel of distinguished scientists for a unique day of presentations and discussion. You, too, can attend! Just don't go expecting to see any women scientists. Go ahead, visit their page... Continue Reading →

Where are the BRAINI women?

Like many other scientific fields, neuroscience has an obvious gender gap. There are too few women. This isn't new, and overall representation of women in science is improving. But several events over the last few weeks reminded me how serious... Continue Reading →

Parents in Science: Discrimination or strategic hiring?

This guest post is written by a scientist who has asked to remain anonymous. I respect her wishes and thank her for sharing her story. It is a story that unfortunately may sound familiar to many, and one that I... Continue Reading →

Parents in Science: weighing career and family

This guest post is by Renata Migliati. Renata is a scientist, a self-taught artist, and a mom of two. She was born and raised in Brazil and has lived many places, but currently finds herself in Texas, USA. She is... Continue Reading →

‘Parents in Science’ series

There's an elephant in the room. Instead of openly and honestly discussing the difficulties of raising children and navigating an academic career, many choose to ignore the issue, sugarcoat it, or throw blame back on those of us who have chosen to do... Continue Reading →

Mixing motherhood and science

Warning: I interrupt your regular open science blogging service to bring you a more personal and emotional post. But this has to be said. Normal service will resume when I calm down. Yesterday, Nature published an article about women building... Continue Reading →

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