I am a researcher working primarily in experimental and theoretical neuroscience and cellular biophysics. I like excitable cells, especially ones that burst. Sometimes I poke small animals with electrodes, other times I model neural activity. I also teach math and science. I blog about neuroscience, open access, open science, and women in science.

I am a professor in the Department of Physics, Biomedical Physics Program at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. I am also the founder of the Why Open Research? project, an educational site for researchers to learn how to share their work, funded in part by the Shuttleworth Foundation. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions at emck31 at gmail, and follow me on Twitter @emckiernan13 for research updates and more. Also, check out my figshare page to download author versions of my manuscripts, poster presentations, and other research outputs. Feedback always welcome!

Download my full CV (English, Spanish)

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