OpenCon 2014: Empowering the next generation of researchers to advocate for openness

Access to information is a problem in many parts of the world. A huge portion of the academic literature is locked behind paywalls that many people cannot get past due to restrictive costs. This is what it looks like from the outside: Lack of access to information impedes learning, stifles innovation, and slows scientific progress.... Continue Reading →

Cuerna Critters: May 4 to 17, 2014

The rains are becoming more regular and there is beautiful new plant life everywhere! The ground is once again sprouting a green carpet. Many critters who have been absent for several months have returned. Here are just a few of the ones I've observed over the last few weeks. Araneae: 1. Black widow (Latrodectus sp.):... Continue Reading →

The rains are coming back! We likely still have a couple more weeks before rain becomes a daily occurrence, but we have had several significant storms and even some hail (albeit tiny). Much of the ground still looks like this. But there is new plant life and other indications that conditions are changing.  Several butterfly... Continue Reading →

Cuerna Critters: Special moth edition

Update April 29, 2014: Several of my original identifications were incorrect or incomplete. A huge thanks to Andy Warren (@AndyBugGuy) for providing corrections and additions! I've updated the text and photos below. Cuernavaca has some spectacular moths! I'd like to share with you a few of the beauties I've photographed here over the last year.... Continue Reading →

Cuerna Critters: March 23 to 29, 2014

The ground is covered with fallen Jacaranda flowers. We had a brief spell of rain on March 25, but otherwise conditions have been dry and hot.  Daily peak temperatures are above 90 F. But the critters are hanging on! Diptera: 1.  Sarcophaga sp.: [Rare] Hemiptera: 1. Bordered plant bugs? I still haven’t identified these to species,... Continue Reading →

Cuerna Critters: March 9 to 15, 2014

The Jacarandas are in bloom! But otherwise, the plant life is suffering from drought. We are in month five of the dry season. We have had only one day  (March 9th, 2014) of significant rainfall so far this year, and it shows. However, a few insect species have made a reappearance after several months absent.... Continue Reading →

Cuerna Critters: A few favorites

My apologies to all of you following Cuerna Critters for last week's radio silence. First, a respiratory infection took me out of the field. Then, I had to battle through winter storm 'Titan' to make it to a conference.  (Totally worth it, by the way!) Unfortunately, all this means no new pictures. But for those... Continue Reading →

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