Open Pledge

Version presented at OpenCon 2015:

My pledge to be open:

  • I will not edit, review, or work for closed access journals.
  • I will blog my work and post preprints, when possible.
  • I will publish only in open access journals.
  • I will not publish in Cell, Nature, or Science.
  • I will pull my name off a paper if coauthors refuse to be open.
  • I will share my code, when possible.
  • I will share my raw and processed data, when possible.
  • I will practice open notebook science, when possible.
  • I will ask my professional society to support open access.
  • I will speak out about my choices.

Simplified version:

I pledge to:

  • edit and review only for open access journals
  • publish only in open access journals
  • openly share my working manuscripts
  • openly share my code, when possible
  • openly share my data, when possible
  • openly share my notebooks, when possible
  • ask my professional societies to support open research
  • speak out in support of open research


This pledge is available for download in multiple file formats and with a citable DOI via figshare.

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