Why Open Research?

In May of this year, I was awarded a flash grant by the Shuttleworth Foundation to make an 'open' project of my choosing a reality. On November 14th, at OpenCon 2015 in Brussels, I announced the launch of Why Open Research?, an educational resource for researchers to learn about the benefits of sharing their work. This... Continue Reading →

Becoming a more open scientist

Over the past few months, I became increasingly aware that I wasn't be as open with my research as I could be. Sure, all my articles are openly available, including preprints of some of my work. But I also advocate for sharing code and data, and until now, I hadn't done either. That changes today.... Continue Reading →

Open research and collaborations

A few days ago, I posted this tweet: The response has been amazing. People have sent me links to all kinds of interesting projects: open collaborative transcription and editing of humanities texts; biomedical research made possible by publicly available data; projects creating open source tools that can be used by all and continue to be... Continue Reading →

And the winner is…

A few weeks ago, I tried a crowdsourcing experiment and asked people to vote on which unfinished project I should tackle next. I was thrilled by the results. To date, the post has had 448 views (the 2nd highest view count for posts on this infant blog!), the poll registered 48 votes, and I have... Continue Reading →

Help me decide where the science goes next.

I'd like to try an open science, crowdsourcing experiment. Like many scientists, I have a folder with unfinished projects, null results, and homeless manuscripts. My goal for this year was to get most (hopefully all) of this research out of my computer and placed somewhere others could access it. Journal submissions, figshare, blog posts –... Continue Reading →

A step backwards in neuroscience publishing

In my opinion, publishing in the field of neuroscience has just suffered a loss and taken a step backwards. In January of 2011, BioMed Central launched a new journal called Neural Systems & Circuits. In their inaugural article, the editors wrote: “...new tools and techniques are poised to produce a torrent of new experimental results... Continue Reading →

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