Parents in Science: Links edition

Since establishing the Parents in Science series in March of 2013, I have come across many great posts by others describing their experiences of being a parent and an academic. Below are links to some of my favorites, which I have organized wherever possible based on career stage (in no particular order within category). Please... Continue Reading →

Parents in Science: Discrimination or strategic hiring?

This guest post is written by a scientist who has asked to remain anonymous. I respect her wishes and thank her for sharing her story. It is a story that unfortunately may sound familiar to many, and one that I hope will open constructive discussion. When I was pregnant with my second child, I saw an... Continue Reading →

Parents in Science: Being great, not superhuman

This guest post is by Benjamin Morin. Ben has a PhD in Applied Math for the Life and Social Sciences from Arizona State University, is a father of one, and a rabid fan of mathematical modeling. He applies modeling techniques to research problems in the fields of ecology, economics, epidemiology, statistical mechanics, and social sciences. Learn more about... Continue Reading →

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