Open letter to the Society for Neuroscience

The following open letter has been delivered to the Society for Neuroscience and published online in The Winnower. Thanks to everyone who contributed to writing the letter, shared with colleagues, and signed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Society for Neuroscience, This is an open letter concerning the recent launch of the new open access journal, eNeuro. We welcome the diversification of... Continue Reading →

Making motor neurons spike sooner and faster

Part V of the “Help me decide…” series. See parts I, II, III, and IV. In the last post in this series, I wrote about the excitability of neurons. What does it mean to say a neuron is excitable, or that a neuron's excitability changes due to an experimental manipulation? I showed an example of the Electrical Knock-In (EKI)... Continue Reading →

Where are the BRAINI women?

Like many other scientific fields, neuroscience has an obvious gender gap. There are too few women. This isn't new, and overall representation of women in science is improving. But several events over the last few weeks reminded me how serious the problem still is. It started with a personal experience. I was asked to do... Continue Reading →

The excitability of motor neurons

Part IV of the "Help me decide..." series. See parts I, II, and III. Motor neurons send signals to muscles, causing them to contract. You'd think understanding their role in the production of movements like breathing and walking would be simple. But as I explained in a recent guest post, these neurons are embedded in a... Continue Reading →

Your thoughts on simulating a human brain?

Ed Yong recently published a great article on BBC Future entitled, "Will we ever...simulate a human brain?", summarizing the debate over the Human Brain Project. I was interviewed for the piece, and explained why I am skeptical that the project will accomplish its goal of realistically simulating a human brain within 10 years. The article... Continue Reading →

Help me decide where the science goes next.

I'd like to try an open science, crowdsourcing experiment. Like many scientists, I have a folder with unfinished projects, null results, and homeless manuscripts. My goal for this year was to get most (hopefully all) of this research out of my computer and placed somewhere others could access it. Journal submissions, figshare, blog posts –... Continue Reading →

Publishing open access in neuroscience

I would like to issue a call to action. Neuroscientists, it's time to be open. Really, this is ridiculous. While fields like physics are making great strides in open access, we in neuroscience are locking away more research in subscription journals everyday, where many people around the world can't access it, learn from it, or... Continue Reading →

A step backwards in neuroscience publishing

In my opinion, publishing in the field of neuroscience has just suffered a loss and taken a step backwards. In January of 2011, BioMed Central launched a new journal called Neural Systems & Circuits. In their inaugural article, the editors wrote: “ tools and techniques are poised to produce a torrent of new experimental results... Continue Reading →

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